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The sites listed here provide some interesting insight and information on the life and work of an American Original.

Afro-American Fragments
A new Compact Disc featuring unusual settings of nine Langston Hughes Poems.
A Wind in the Attic
A painting of Langston Hughes by Winold Reiss.
Dream Deferred
Another poem from Afro-American Fragments plus brief biography of Hughes with links to other related material.
The Langston Hughes Review
The Official Publication of The Langston Hughes Society
The Langston Hughes Tribute
A site created by Christopher Kamsler Dedicated to the great Harlem Renaissance poet, Langston Hughes.
About Hughes' early life while residing in Lawrence, Kansas.
Poet Hero
An essay by Jeff Trussell.
Jesse B. Semple: Feet Live Their Own Life
With imaginatively drawn characters that bring a story to life, CYNthia HARges has put together a collection of images and stories. Langston Hughes is one of her favorite writers and here she has included one of his funniest accounts of why Semple's feet are so special in this world of ours.

The University College Library
A rich list of Hughes related links presented by The Broward Community College and Florida Atlantic University.

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