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American School of Double Bass
The ASDB combines the teaching, writing and playing skills of Mark Alison Morton and Thomas B, Gale in week-long summer sessions that bring together several different schools of playing. The idea behind the ASDB is that the more choices a player has in meeting a musical challenge, the better the musical result will be.
This site is of particular interest to Pop, Rock, Fusion and Blues players. There is a wealth of material for the Electric Bassist. Sample and buy the best in Song Books, Instruction Books/CDs, Instruction Videos, Transcriptions and More.
Bass and Music Resources
Links to luthiers, shops and private pages related to bass (and a few guitar) sites.
Bassists in the Doghouse (Contrabass Page)
This page is of, by and for bassists from Japan. It includes information on music, instruments, strings, rosin and bass shops in Japan. Also introduced is "The Internet Society of Bassists, Japan", a Japanese page.
Bass Pro Tips
A very informative page featuring recordings, music, videos and playing tips in many different styles. Frequently updated.
Contrabbasso Italiano
An Italian discussion group headed by Vito Domenico Liuzzi, Double Bass teacher at the G. Paisiello Conservatory of Music.
Douglass Mapp Music
Personalized and customized piano accompaniment tapes and midi files for the double bass player.
Jerry Fuller
Visit Jerry Fuller's double bass and violone web page for information on historically informed performance practice. Jerry's page also includes valuable information on period instruments, bows, gut strings and links to other double bass and early music web pages.
Home Bass
Home Bass has all sorts of interesting material of interest to Pop, Rock, Jazz & Fusion players both electric and acoustic.
International Society of Bassists
The International Society of Bassists holds international conventions and sponsors competitions for double bass payers. The journal and newsletter provide valuable information on varied topics, including jobs, instruments, bows and equipment for sale, reviews of publications and recordings, and tips on playing from leading bass players and teachers.
ISG Publications
A great source for solos and chamber music featuring the double bass in many different settings. ISG also publishes CDs which feature the bass in standard repertoire and newer compositions. The best source for all of the music and recordings of Patrick Neher.
Joel Quarrington
Canadian double bass virtuoso Joel Quarrington's site includes articles, music and CDs of interest to double bassists.
Paul Ramsier
Paul Ramsier is a composer who has made a major contribution to expanding the repertoire for the double bass.
Gerd Reinke
German Double Bass Soloist Gerd Reinke is a prolific recording artist with many Compact Discs in his catalog.
Greg Sarchet
The Chicago Bass Club featuring double bass activities in and around Chicago.
Yorke Edition
The United Kingdom's largest catalog of original Double Bass Music
Zuk Records
Home of the new CD Double Bass Recital by Slawomir and Ivan Svarc Grenda. This beautifully recorded CD features excellent performances of Robert Schumann's Fantasiestücke, Op. 73, Brahms' Sonata in E minor, Op. 38 and the César Franck Sonata in A Major.

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