Frank Proto

Gregory Flint, Jeff Biancalana, David Jackson, Stephen Burns, Rex Martin
Quintet for Brass 77-01
Art Institute of Chicago
Stephen Burns
Fulcrum Point Chamber Ensemble

World Premiere Performance - February 16, 2001

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Frank Proto's Quintet for Brass 77-01 had its genesis nearly 30 years ago (1977) when the Queen City Brass requested a work with the drive and feel of the times utilizing a deft blend of classical and jazz/rock styles. Intended for a recording project that never came to fruition, the first movement languished in the archives until last spring (2000), when it was recorded by the Canterbury Brass. The second and third movements were created for Fulcrum Point at the beginning of 2001 at the request of the artistic director. The brooding, bluesey second movement segues directly into a hard-bopping finale that expresses the darker perspective of a more mature musician.
Stephen Burns

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