Frank Proto

* Composer in Residence 1972 – 1996

* appointed by Thomas Schippers – October 1972

Works commissioned and premiered by the CSO

A: Soloist with orchestra

Year                Title                                                                                         Soloist

1969                Concerto No. 1 for Double Bass and Orchestra                      Barry Green – db

1972                Concerto in One Movement                                                    Ruggerio Ricci – vn

                              for Violin, Double Bass and Orchestra                             Barry Green – db

1973                Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra                                  Gerry Mulligan

1973                Concertino for Percussion and Strings                                    William Platt

1976                Three Pieces for Percussion and Orchestra                             CSO Percussion

1978                Concerto for Cello and Orchestra                                            Peter Wiley

1979                The Four Seasons for Tuba, Percussion,                                Michael Thornton – tba

                              Strings and Stereo Tape                                                    Richard Jensen – prc

1980                Concerto No. 2 for Double Bass and Orchestra                      Fran¨ois Rabbath

1987                Rhapsody for Clarinet and Orchestra                                      Eddie Daniels

1989                A Carmen Fantasy for Trumpet and Orchestra                       Doc Severinsen

1991                The New Seasons for Tuba, Percussion,                                Michel Thornton – tba

                              Flutes and Strings                                                             CSO Percussion

1994                Concertino for Castanets and Orchestra                                  Lucero Tena

B: Other music for Orchestra

1976                Nocturne for String Orchestra

1976                Fanfare for Winds, Percussion, Piano Harp

                              and 8 solo Double Basses

1985                Dialogue for Synclavier and Orchestra

1990                Hamabe no Arashi

1994                Ghost in Machine – An American Music Drama                    Cleo Laine­ – voice

                              for Vocalist, Narrator and Orchestra                                 Paul Winfield – narr.

C: Music for Young PeopleÕs Concerts

1972                The Sounds of Strings

1973                Sesame Variations

1975                Doodles – an Introduction to the Orchestra

D: Music for the Pops (Cincinnati Pops Orchestra)

1972                An American Overture

1972                Turkeyfoot – an Overture for Orchestra                  

1973                Casey at the Bat

1973                Variations on Dixie

1977                Suite from Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts ● A Portrait of Stephen Foster

1978                Suite from the opera Carmen for Jazz Ensemble and Orchestra

1979                A Portrait of George (Gershwin)

1980                Overture to a Carnival

1981                A Portrait of John Lennon

1984                Fanfare for a Festive Occasion

1989                Early Evening

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