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Composer Title Book Number
Nico Abondolo Two for David 3
David Anderson Capriccio No. 2 2
Peter Askim Vital Signs 2
Fred Bretschger Etude Espanola 3
John Clayton Bach to Blues 2
Michael Cretu Homeland (duo for Violin and Bass) 2
Mark Dresser Zeppo (for two basses) 2
Shinji Eshima If it's Tuesday, it must be Up-bow 3
Tony Falanga Dance for Joy 3
Teppo Hauta-aho Ode to Rabbath 1
Rhapsody for Double Bass Solo 1
Victor Kioulaphides In Jubilo 3
Michael Moore Moon Dog 2
When I Wage Battle Next 2
Joëlle Léandre Octobre 1
Patrick Neher Serenade for Solo Double Bass 1
Reflect sur Cher 3
Eldon Obrecht Suite for Double Bass 2
Frank Proto Audition 1/26/87 1
Cadenza and Dance 1
Lessons 3
François Rabbath Prades 1
Anthony Scelba Twists of Fate 3
Fred Schipizky Casa Mia 3
Roger Ruggeri Thanatos 1
Hans Sturm Silver Suite 2
Bertram Turetzky Four for Raby 1
Neruda 1
Three Doinas for David 3
David Walter Prelude - Hommage à Casals 1
Ron Wasserman Ballet Fantasy 3