Casey at the Bat

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Following is the composer's stage direction which appears in the score.

A full blackout should precede the beginning of the piece with both narrator and conductor off stage. When the tape* starts, the sound of the crowd will fade in. There are 40 seconds of only crowd noise on the tape before the first electronic sounds are heard. From this point to the chorale takes another 40 seconds. The chorale itself takes 35 seconds. During this time both narrator and conductor should slip un-noticed on stage. As the chorale ends a spotlight should come up on the narrator. He should begin after he hears the second cry of "cold beer!" on the tape. His first lines are spoken to the background of the crowd.

Optionally the tape may be started 1:36 after the beginning, thus eliminating the electronic introduction.

* Substitute "CD" for all references to "tape."

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