Video Excerpts
Act 1:

Scenes 4 and 5
Three Reporters Entrance.
Old Joe's Aria
My Name is Not Boy
Scene 6
Young Joe and Marva
Recit. and Aria
The Girl who says No
Scene 6a
Old and Young Joe, Black,
Roxborough and Chorus
It's only Money
Scene 11
First Schemling Fight
Lillie's Aria
They're Killing My Boy

Act 2:

Scene 3
Marva, Old and Young Joe
Marva's Aria
I Love a Man Who Isn't There
Scene 4
Joe harrased by Black,
Roxborough, Marva and Lillie
Scene 5
Joe turned on by
The Three Beauties
"Have a snort"
Scene 6
Joe confronts Death
Joe and Boxer
"Mask of Death"

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Director Leon Major, Composer Frank Proto, Librettist John Chenault
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